Outer Banks NC Attractions

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is the "land of beginnings". With much history taking place here, you'll learn and understand why this is such a fantastic vacation spot for everyone.

Miles of exotic beaches await your visit. You'll enjoy the calm serenity that assists this beach since commercial development is limited along the highway. This allows the beaches of the Outer Banks to have the "old beach charm" that is always searched for.

Many activities are available throughout the Outer Banks. Water, land, and air are all pinpointed for outdoor excursions. The land activities will also accommodate to those who are looking for those fun indoor activities through the many museums and galleries that rest around the area. With the incredible ocean access, water activities are vast in their choosing. From diving to pontoon boating, there’s something that will make everyone happy. Take a trip into the air and have a tour of the area from up above or enjoy cruising through the sky while hang gliding.

Keeping the stomach full is an easy task for the Outer Banks. From fresh seafood to exotic cuisines, waterfront and themed restaurants are at your doorstep. You'll be able to dress up or down for the evening with an array of dining options that surround the Outer Banks of North Carolina.